Codelobster PHP Edition

Codelobster PHP Edition 5.15

All-in-one portable IDE with all the tools anyone on PHP development requires

If you happen to be a PHP, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript developer looking for a full-featured IDE, the professional version of CodeLobster PHP Edition is a serious alternative worth taking into account. Its advanced auto-complete features, its HTLM, CSS, and PHP code validation and inspection tools, its PHP debugger, and its set of plug-ins for the most widely used CMSs make it one of the most comprehensive IDEs available.

Its clear and intuitive interface integrates perfectly the wide array of tools that CodeLobster provides. All the tools, plug-ins, debugging features, together with all the editing functions that you would expect from any high-end code editor are there at easy reach from the program’s well-structured menus. But probably the biggest chunk of CodeLobster’s magic happens in the background – its auto-complete functions and its code collapsing capabilities, its intuitive code and pair highlighting, and its context and dynamic help make PHP, HTML, and CSS programming a breeze. Pair highlighting will help you detect incomplete enclosing characters, while its advanced auto-complete functionality will allow you to code faster and without unwanted errors – HTML tags, tag attributes, and attribute values are conveniently displayed in ordered lists for you to pick up the one you intended to use.

When it comes to presenting the code, CodeLobster PHP Edition offers you various viewing options. Apart from the already-mentioned highlighting features that it provides, the program’s main interface offers you a code view, a preview of your code, and an inspection view to help you check that everything is as it should be. You can also split the main editing window and have both your code and its preview on screen simultaneously.

Mistakes happen, and that is why it is so important that your IDE comes with all the tools you need to spot and correct them as quickly and as efficiently as possible, and thus CodeLobster offers you a comprehensive PHP Debugger to help you prevent variable-based errors from clogging your code.

Finally, it is important to note the dozen or so plug-ins that come only with the program’s professional edition. All of these plug-ins will let you create projects and modules using the best known CMSs and frameworks, such as CakePHP, Drupal, Joomla, JQuery, Facebook, Symfony, CodeIgniter, or AngularJS. Whichever way you look at it, this professional version of CodeLobster PHP Edition lacks none of the features and functions present in similar high-end IDEs and it offers a series of additional plug-ins and tools that are not always easy to come by.

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  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and PHP highlighting
  • HTML, CSS, and PHP code validation
  • HTML and CSS code inspection
  • Advanced autocomplete functions
  • Includes a PHP debugger
  • Optional portable version
  • Browser preview
  • Includes plug-ins for a number of CMS and frameworks


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